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When signing up for the PNN Partner advertising package, you are agreeing to the following terms:

1. You understand what this package is and what the distribution is. It comes with a advertising plan that delivers your advertisement (or message) to all outlets mentioned on the distribution page ( http://pnnmedia.com/pr/distribution.html ).

2. You understand that you have to provide the material to create your plan. This material will be used to create your video commercial, radio commercial, graphics for ads, text for description and all contact information, links, websites, etc required to maintain your plan.

3. You understand that we can create professional video/audio/graphic commercials/ads for you at no additional cost initially. The free video/audio/graphic commercials/ads are basic designs. Any service above and beyond (or in addtion to) are charged at 50% off regular rates.

4. TV/Radio ad spots/commercials run for the full time of your PNN Partner plan. They rotate with other PNN Partner clients. Posts such as articles, blogs, events, listings, etc will remain on sites/walls until refreshed. Posts/articles will move down in the order received just like a social wall post and will stay online but basically archived.

5. Banner ads will remain in rotation until refreshed per your request.

6. Press releases will virtually remain on sites. They will move down in the order received just like a social wall posts and will stay online but basically archived.

7. Social posts will virtually remain on sites. They will move down in the order received just like most social wall posts and will stay online but basically archived.

8. PNN Media Group cannot guarantee any direct response or sales from the blast campaign. Because all advertiser's products, services and events vary, there is no way we can forcast or predict how your particular campaign will perform.

9. Please review PNN Media's guarantee listed at the bottom of this page.

10. You understand how the social numbers work for our audience stats. Third-party social stats are showing "followers" "friends" "members" subscribed to each particular profile or account. This does not mean you would reach 100% of those followers, friends or members. These numbers do fluctuate plus or minus as most social accounts do. We average these numbers out to get our 'targeted blast rate'.

11. You understand that the viewer/listener stats for radio/TV ads are based on total numbers and are averaged out to get our 'targeted blast rate'.

12. You understand that the website traffic stats show a average visitor's number for a 24-hour period. This does not mean you get 100% of that traffic.

13. The 50,000 'Targeted Blast Rate' is what we figured (on average) your blast should reach. This takes into account video views, radio spot listens, mass email views, all social account views, artcle/blog views, website views and banner views. This number is not click-throughs. Once again, if you total all stats on distribution page, you'll notice it's much higher than 50,000. That's because no campaign would reach 100% audience of all distribution.

14. Because of the exceptional price and work involved to process and complete a blast campaign, there is no refund. If there is a credit card chargeback for a completed campaign; credit card company will be contacted by us to provide copy of this agreed upon terms, signed order form and proof of job completed.

15. Any material provided to us must be yours to use and cannot be copyrighted. This includes (but not limited to) photos, graphics, logos, videos, audio recordings. Any material you send to us that is found to be a violation of copyright laws; you would be fully responsible for legal fees and damages.

16. The free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service is a basic service that provides premium backlinks to your website. These backlinks are from the PR service in the package. The backlinks will go to several of your pages on your website (instead of just homepage).

17. You cannot promote, market or advertise anything illegal or adult in nature. If you are not sure, please contact us prior to ordering this service.

18. Limitation of Liability. In the event (1) PNN fails to publish an advertisement in accordance with the schedule provided in the Insertion Order, (2) PNN fails to deliver the number of total impressions specified in the Insertion Order (if any) by the end of the specified period, or (3) of any other failure, technical or otherwise, of such advertisement to appear or be transmitted as provided in the Insertion Order, the sole liability of PNN to advertiser/agency shall be limited to, at PNN's sole discretion, a pro rata ad credit of the advertising fee representing the undelivered impressions, placement of the advertisement at a later time in a comparable position, or extension of the term of the Insertion Order until total impressions are delivered. In addition, PNN Media Group is not responsible for the quality and/or clarity of any Internet radio, audio or video advertisements. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL PNN BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL LIMITATION, FOR LOST INCOME OR PROFITS, IN ANY WAY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THIS CONTRACT, EVEN IF PNN HAS BEEN ADVISED AS TO THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

19. You agree to pay the promotional rate for one year. First three months are to be paid in advance and then the monthly rate after that. This rate covers the cost that was required to setup your package. Because of the services provided for this package, there is no refund for any reason.

20. If you are taking advantage of the free map ad, you must pay the first six months in advance then pay monthly after that. If the one-year term is not completed; you will be responsible for a early-termination rate based on the retail value of the map ad.