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Loyalty Rewards works anywhere!

What makes our loyalty program unique?

PNNpoints is a part of our popular TV & Radio app. Now you can get loyalty points when you check into any business anywhere!


How does this work?

Take our app everywhere you go. Whatever business you're at; *checkin with our app and you just got points! **You can get mucho points at participating listed businesses. You then redeem points for some amazing gifts.

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Feature Image

About the PNN App?

Live dance radio. 5 live TV channels. Entertainment Magazine and now PNNpoints!

It's an amazing app that will entertain you anywhere you go.

It's free to download and now you get a bunch of free stuff just for using it!

Are you a business owner?

Do you want to get your business listed in our app? We can get our users to your business! Get you listing up and running, get you in the app, get your exclusive 4-digit code and you'll be set to go!

We have a very special deal for you!  

* This marketing package takes hours to setup. Unlike days or weeks with other plans.


Here are the top questions about the PNNpoints program

*How to check in at any business:

1. Click the "Wall" icon, on this app

2. Make sure you're logged in

3. Either select "Check In" or "Status" link

3b. If you "Check In", select the business and you're done.

3c. If you selected "Status", click the camera icon and take a snapshot of your receipt

That's it! We'll credit your account with referral points then let the business know you recommended them so you can get more points from that business in the future! Plus you let other users know about that business!


How to find listed businesses for bonus points

You need to have our mobile app. On the home screen of the app is the "Earn Points" icon. There, you will see all the participating businesses. On average, you get 15x more points with these premium businesses.

What can I get with PNN Points?

You need to have our mobile app. On the home screen of the app is the "Loyalty" icon. There, you will see your points balance and featured items that you can buy with your available points.

Can I continue to get points at same business?

Yes. You can get repeat points at the same participating listed businesses. So your favorite shop, restaurant, service can get you more and more points.


**How to get points at Participating listed businesses?

At purchase, just hand your phone app to business staff. They will enter code and your points are instantly available! It's that easy.


Ready?  Get our free app now!